West Highland Way Sleeper is your cozy home away from home. We make it our business to provide a safe, comfortable, and affordable accommodation for travelers. You can find us in the heart of Southern Highlands in Scotland.

What is a bunkhouse?

Traditionally, a bunkhouse is a small or medium sized building that’s used for accommodation. They are normally found in the heart of the Highlands.

What is a hostel?

Not just a fad, a hostel is an institution that provides accommodation for an affordable price.

If you put those two together:

You come up with an establishment that combines traditional history at highly affordable rates. We endeavor to provide our guests with a high quality home-like environment. It is our mission to be their doorway to the landscapes, sights, and sounds of the Southern Highlands. We make it a point to provide short stay or transient guests with an accommodation stay that they can remember for years to come. When travelling, a common concern is choosing between high quality stay and a friendly rate.

Stay with us and you’ll never have to choose between the two. Send us a message through support@westhighlandwaysleeper.co.uk for any inquiries. We look forward to serving you.